New Work Methods

Local Businesses Find New Ways to Stay Open

From Blairsville to Blue Ridge and Young Harris to Hiawassee, COVID-19 has changed the way businesses operate all over north Georgia. As state and local authorities monitor and update ordinances, small businesses have stayed especially active in finding ways to keep their doors open. This site is dedicated to sharing current information about the small businesses in our community, which ones have closed temporarily and which ones have made changes in the way they do business to address the need to go contactless.

While every attempt is made to keep the information here current, it is recommended you use an additional method of reaching out to businesses to see if they are open and what their contactless customer service practices are.

If your business’ information is incorrect, please contact us immediately. If your business is not listed on our site, please go to ADD YOUR BUSINESS so that your information can be included.

How Can We Support Our Small Businesses?


Think Big Shop SmallWhile we understand you’re concerned about COVID-19 and wish to self-quarantine, many of our local small businesses have found creative ways to keep their doors open. They include offering delivery, pickup boxes and online ordering. Also, we have many businesses that do not have a store-front, either because of the nature of the business or because the owner works out of their home. These businesses are especially “invisible” during this time and are easily forgotten. PLEASE read through the list of open businesses and see if you can support them as a customer.


Our business directory is growing every day as more businesses are added. The majority of the ones shown on this website are OPEN and offer alternative methods of doing business. Check this site for detailed information on the business you’re looking to purchase from. If they’re not listed, please tell them about this FREE method of advertising!


Spreading the word about this website will help support the small businesses represented on the site. Please do what you can to keep these businesses afloat. And remember, every time you shop small, someone somewhere does a little huge happy dance!!

About This Site

This website is developed and maintained by a small group of local volunteers who recently got to thinking: What do you do to help stir the local economy and promote small businesses that are struggling to stay open any way they can amidst the COVID-19 virus? You create a website listing all local businesses and detail what they are doing to create a safe, contactless way to interact with their customers. Then you promote it all over Facebook and ask the participating businesses to promote it as well. It might make a small dent in the hit our economy is taking, but if you’re like us, you won’t give up without a fight.

We encourage each of you to share this website on your social media, ask your employer to add their business info and SHOP from these businesses! Some companies may not survive this crisis. But it is our hope that through this site—and lots of prayer—the majority of us make it.

  • Tell your customers about your new safety measures for conducting business (i.e. delivery, curbside pickup, online meetings, by appt. only, online ordering & shipping, etc.)
  • It’s 100% FREE to list your business
  • The site will be regularly promoted on Facebook and around town by way of signage and stickers
  • You control the content and can direct us to change it at any time

Please note: The information presented within this website is not official, may not be up-to-date (although we try) and does not come from any state, county or local government entity unless otherwise quoted as such. While we are encouraging you to patronize these businesses, we are not suggesting you risk your health by going against city-, county- and state-mandated ordinances. The information presented is to demonstrate alternative methods for shopping and buying from these businesses.